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The game inspired by the original game Atomix and especially its loose sequel Hexagonia that existed on the computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum / Didaktik M. The purpose of the game is to assemble molecules from the atoms that are scattered all over the screen. You can mark the atom with the enter key or space. With such an atom you can move by the arrows in all directions. Problem is that each moving atom stops only at the barrier. This barrier may be a wall or another atom.

If you think this is too easy, I introduced the game with a couple of new features:

Reflecting wall

This type of wall also appeared in the original Hexagonia. Moving atom after impact is reflected and moves in the opposite direction. The wall on the right is an innovation from its original version. It is used for practicing memory and larger disorientation for players. This is because it is not distinguishable from the conventional wall. The original, genuine reason for this was that I did not want to do another graphic.

Collapsing wall

This element is also found in Hexagonia. After hitting with the atom is gradually collapsing the wall until it completely disappears.


Walk-through walls

These walls are new. If there is an empty tile behind this wall, moving atoms move through it without having to be stopped by this wall. In the game, there are four possible variants of this cube. The first you can pass through downward and to the right, another one up and left. Otherwise, it works like a wall. The third option is continuous in all directions. The fourth wall is modified from the last mentioned. After the atom goes through this wall, it is transformed into a standard wall.

The next thing is the invisible version of the walls.

Finally, I must mention atoms, which are bringing into the move after the impact of a moving atom, and fragile atoms that are disappearing after the impact of another atom.

The latest version

Levels are not ordered by difficulty. On some levels, I've tested new objects. Eg. there can be seen the first animation that appeared in one of the last levels of the game.

I've decided to publish the latest stable version. It is newly available for download here.